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Regardless of where you choose to buy your scooter, you can service it with us and your warranty will remain intact.

(Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)



According to the ACCC “In relation to general servicing, scooter dealers are entitled to insist that any servicing performed on scooters they sell is carried out by qualified staff, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and using genuine or appropriate quality parts where required. Provided these conditions are met, regardless of where you choose to get your scooter serviced, your warranty will remain intact.

So call to book your scooter in for its 1st or any service.



Lost all the keys or just the red? We replace the key set and code them to your bike.

Scooter Commuter has programmed new coded keys for Hundreds of satisfied customers all over Australia and continue to do so to this day, successfully analysing and developing new key solutions for each new scooter as they appear on the market. Any new EFI piaggio, Vespa and Aprilia. Call with your key problem.




You can just turn up and have your tyre replaced or puncture repaired, but we would advise ringing first on 02 9938 9119.  The tyre fitting service will take approximately 30 minutes so can be completed while you wait.

REMEMBER when new scooter tyres are fitted they should not be subjected to maximum power until a reasonable running in distance has been covered.  100 dry kms is recommended minimum.  (discount any wet kms covered).




    Most modern scooters have what is called a continuously variable transmission or CVT. The CVT allows scooter riders to ride without having to manually shift gears. It also provides maximum fuel efficiency and minimizes the jerking caused by shifting gears. A CVT has a pair of pulleys, one in the front and one in the back. Each pulley has a set of gears that are activated by the opening and closing of the respective halves of the pulley. When the scooter is not in motion, the rear halves of the pulley are held shut, and the front is held open with springs. Similar to a bicycle, with front and rear gears, this means that the smallest gear is activated. When you accelerate you will be in the lowest gear. As you gain speed, the rear halves of the pulley open and the front halves begin to close changing the different gear sizes within each pulley system. The changing of gears is regulated by a mechanical device known as a variator.


The Variator



    The variator is a metal disc that is attached to the shaft of the front pulley. The disc is surrounded by a cage that houses many heavily weighted rollers. As a scooter accelerates, the disc spins faster and the rollers, due to centrifugal force, move outwards and cause the disc to climb up the shaft, activating the closing mechanism in the front pulley system. As the front pulley is forced to close by the variator disc, the rear pulley is pushed open, sort of like a see saw. This see sawing of the pulleys moves the gear system through progressively higher gears as you accelerate. The variator allows the rider of the scooter to control the shifting of the gears of the scooter simply by turning the throttle, making shifting gears automatic and smooth.


The Clutch



    Most CVT scooter transmission systems also employ a clutch. This clutch is connected to the belt drive of the scooter and as the throttle is turned, the belt drive goes faster, turning the clutch and releasing its grip on the rear wheel. When the scooter is in idle the clutch is holding the rear wheel, and even though the engine is running, the wheels do not turn. This type of automatic clutch allows the rider to not have to worry about the engine stopping when the scooter is at rest and completes the CVT or continuously variable transmission system employed in most scooters.




We stock batteries to fit most scooters. This means that more often than not, we will have the battery for you. Every time that you bring your scooter into scooter commuter Service workshop we will test your battery for free.

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