scooter riders are legally allowed to lane split


We have introduced a range of options for residents, workers and visitors who ride in the City of Sydney.

No tickets required in timed areas

Motorcycle and scooter riders don't need to pay at any of the parking meters in our local area, including central Sydney. Simply park as you usually would and remember to observe the time restrictions.

Parking in central Sydney

Over recent years, the City has more than trebled the number of untimed on-street motorcycle spaces in central Sydney. People who ride to work can park in these spaces all day long for free. You can see City street parking locations in the street parking map.

However, given the very high competition for street space in central Sydney, it is simply impossible to meet all the demand for free, on-street parking. Riders should also be aware that major changes to on-street parking are being implemented in central Sydney with Transport for NSW’s Sydney City Centre Access Strategy. The introduction of light rail in George Street, revised bus routes, new cycleways and pedestrian areas will reduce on-street parking for all users.

Botanic Gardens parking

The Royal Botanic Gardens has a number of marked parking spaces for motorcycles. These spaces may require a ticket. Please check parking signs before you park.

Parking stations

Riders can park at the Goulburn Street parking station for only $7 a day. Many other public car parks also offer motorcycle parking at discounted rates.

Permits for residents

Residents eligible for parking permits can use them for motorcycles and scooters.

Restricted locations

Please do the right thing by pedestrians and your fellow riders. Only use legal spaces and avoid parking on footpaths or pedestrian areas.

If you only need to stay for a short time, park safely in a metered area. If you can't find a free space on-street, use a parking station.

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